220px-Paul_McCartney_&_Wings-Band_on_the_Run_album_cover#7 – Paul McCartney & Wings – “Band on the Run” – (1973)

The 70s were a weird time for Paul McCartney – or at least, his fans. I never remember what albums were with Wings and which ones were solo. This is the title track for one of the greatest albums ever. At least five songs on this album are absolute killers. This is one of the only songs that reminds me of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the way that it changes sounds multiple times throughout the course of the song. It’s brilliant. And it was a #1 hit, too.

letemin#21 – Wings – “Let ‘Em In” – (1976)

Okay, so we’re on to 1978. Originally, I had “Live and Let Die” at #2 on this year’s rundown, but I already featured that song as part of our James Bond countdown. So I bumped everything up a spot and Wings again became eligible for the list, turns out “Let ‘Em In” is good enough to make the cut, but not good enough to make the top two. It’s a good song, and it made it into the top three on the Hot 100 and was an Adult Contemporary #1.

#1 – Paul McCartney & Wings – “Live and Let Die” – (1973)

Not only is this the best Bond theme, it’s one of Paul McCartney’s best solo (non-Beatles) songs. Or maybe you could throw the Beatles in there too; I think it would still stand. It’s awesome – on the radio and definitely live. Many people don’t know that this has any association with James Bond at all and it’s understandable – this is a powerhouse tune that gets a ton of airplay to this day. It definitely takes the award for longevity. It is amazing.

#6 – Paul McCartney & Wings – “A Wonderful Christmas Time” – (1979)

I’ve seen “A Wonderful Christmas Time” listed as a solo song by Paul McCartney – even though it was released on Wings’ 1979 album Back to the Egg – and as a single by Wings: so I listed it as both. I’ve also seen it listed as “Wonderful Christmastime,” but I like the way I’ve listed it better. The futuristic sound of the song is a result of it being played on a weird, old (then modern) synthesizer. That sound is one of the main reasons it is so memorable – that and it never really picks up speed: the song is kind of flatly paced. It’s definitely different – but definitely good.