Wilson Phillips – “Release Me” – (1990)

This was the second single from Wilson Phillips’ debut album – and their second #1 hit. It is also the second-best song they have (after “Hold On”). But – it really doesn’t sound too dissimilar from their other songs if you don’t listen too closely… wait a second, I think I might actually like this more than “Hold On.”

Wilson Phillips – “You’re in Love” – (1990)

The cassette version of Wilson Phillips’ self-titled debut album did at one time (and probably still does) reside in my house. This was a #1 single in the U.S. even though it isn’t as good as their other major hits. It was the final single from their first album. I don’t know how much more I can talk about Wilson Phillips, but there is one more song from them that we’ll feature about a month from now. Maybe I’ll think of something by then.

Wilson Phillips – “Hold On” – (1990)

Wilson Phillips is group made up of children of 1960s musicians: Carnie and Wendy Wilson (daughters of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys) and Chynna Phillips (daughter of John & Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas). This was their debut album and it was a big deal in 1990. But it would’ve fared just as well a few years before this as well – and that’s what we’ll be dealing with for the next few weeks: songs from the 1990s that would’ve been just as big in the 1980s. This was a #1 hit in the U.S. and was recently featured in the movie Bridesmaids – which caused it to re-enter the U.K. charts. It’s famous for the quickly-delivered lyric: “Some day somebody’s gonna make you turn around and say goodbye.”