Wilco – “Impossible Germany” – (2007)

Here’s a random song by Wilco, a band I kind of don’t really “get” (just like KISS or Frank Zappa). I get the appeal of country/folk/rock bands, but Wilco has never stood out. But I do have this song and I think it has to do with Jeff Tweedy just repeating “impossible Germany, unlikely Japan” and the music is kind of nice. But other than that I can’t explain it.

Wilco – “You Never Know” – (2009)

I’m not even a fan of Wilco, but for some reason I have four or five of their songs. Wilco fans tend to be of the die-hard variety and I am definitely not among them. I scanned through this album when it came out and grabbed two songs off of it because I thought they were okay – my picks of the album, so to speak. This song isn’t as “weird” or “indie” or whatever you like to call it as many of their immediately-previous tunes. “Accessible” is a word I’ve seen used to describe this album – and it’s definitely apt for this song: it’s easy to get into.