Whitney Houston – “All the Man That I Need” – (1990)

Why does this song have a 1980s feel? Because it was originally recorded in 1982 by Linda Clifford. Whitney covered it for her 1990 album I’m Your Baby Tonight. This was a #1 for Ms. Houston – the 4th biggest of her career, which is weird because it’s nowhere near her 4th best song. In fact, if you told me I had to karaoke this song without a prompter, I would be lost. I probably couldn’t even produce the melody on command. This one’s just lost in the shuffle of late-80s/early-90s love songs.

Whitney Houston – “How Will I Know” – (1985)

This was the third single from Whitney’s debut album. Apparently, Janet Jackson was originally offered this song but turned it down and you can kind of tell because it’s very up-beat and dance-y compared to the other giant singles from this album – and this was when Janet was pumping out great dance track after great dance track. This is the best track from that album and was Whitney’s second #1.

Whitney Houston – “One Moment in Time” – (1988)

The 1988 Summer Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea and this was the theme song. It was co-written by Albert Hammond (of rainy, southern California fame) and won an Emmy – but I don’t know why. This, like all Olympic themes, is inspirational in nature. But unlike most Olympic themes this was a big radio hit – hitting #1 in the U.K. and becoming Whitney’s 7th #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts – a chart she ruled through the 80s and the first half of the 90s and would still probably rule if it wasn’t for… well, certain things.

Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love for You” – (1985)

Nice buzz cut, Whitney. She looked a little crazy many, many years before she actually went crazy. “Saving All My Love for You” was the second hit for Whitney off of her self-titled debut album. It was her fist #1 hit – and the first of a streak of seven consecutive, which is amazing. Imagine every song you release over a period of a number of years going to #1. You’d feel invincible. Maybe that explains her odd behavior later in life.