Trans-Siberian Orchestra – “Wizards in Winter” – (2004)

This is a rockin’ Christmas song by the people who know how to rock Christmas better than anyone else. It was released toward the end of 2004, but in 2005 it took on a life of its own. A guy in Ohio put up 16,000 Christmas lights in his yard and synchronized them to this song. Then he broadcast the song on a low-frequency radio from his house so anyone driving by could listen to it and watch the show. It caught on online and was eventually used in a Miller commercial. In fact, the “Official” video for this song (from Atlantic Records) is the video of that guy’s house. TSO really grabbed some new fans because of it.

#3 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra – “Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)” – (1996)

I saw TSO last week and if you’ve never seen them live – do it. It’s an experience. “Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)” is a medley of “Carol of the Bells” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – and it rocks. The song is haunting and the energy within it seems like whatever you’re listening to it on is about to explode. Also from Christmas Eve and Other Stories is “A Mad Russian’s Christmas” – their insane take on the Nutcracker Suite. But they have another big-time song, “Wizards of Winter,” which is on par (or perhaps better) than “Christmas Eve,” but it doesn’t get to be #3 because it hasn’t been around as long – therefore hasn’t sunk into my subconscious as ‘part of Christmas.’ There is not a better Christmas show you can see live. Seriously. See them.