220px-tlc-tipTLC – “Baby-Baby-Baby” – (1992)

Baby was a popular word in early-90s pop music, apparently. Also, TLC’s cover for this single looks like a still image from a Nickelodeon show from ’92. This was the girl group’s second-ever single and first huge hit. This song just goes to remind us all that the girls from TLC are all now in their mid-40s, which makes me feel old.

TLC – “Creep” – (1994)

This was TLC’s first #1 – it also won them a Grammy and is considered one of the premier songs of the 90s. The music video could not be more 90s – with a mixture of color and black and white footage of the girls performing a choreographed dance. There are also bright colors and tilted camera angles. This song is pretty good, but I still like “Waterfalls” better.

#131 – TLC – “Waterfalls” – (1994)

“Waterfalls” was one of the biggest singles of 1995. I think everyone knows the chorus: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls/please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to” – I have no idea why bodies of water would ever make a good song, but it’s one of the definitive R&B songs of the decade. TLC released FanMail in 1999 and it spawned their biggest single “No Scrubs” as well as the lesser “Unpretty.”