tdn1#14– Three Dog Night – “One” – (1968)

This song, off of Three Dog Night’s self-titled debut album released in 1968, was a top five single for the band in 1969. It was originally written and recorded by Harry Nilsson. It’s probably good that this song never made it to #1… because that is the loneliest number.

220px-Three_Dog_Night_-_It_Ain't_Easy#5– Three Dog Night – “Mama Told Me (Not To Come)” – (1970)

This song was originally recorded by Eric Burdon & The Animals but the vocals in this version are superior to almost anything Eric Burdon ever set eyes on (no offense to Eric). In fact, the song was written by Randy Newman and you can almost hear Cory Wells mocking Newman’s singing style in his delivery. It is funky, groovy and just spot on awesome. 

220px-Three_Dog_Night_-_Harmony#14 – Three Dog Night – “An Old Fashioned Love Song” – (1971)

This was a tough one. Three Dog Night was going to be on this list, but deciding between two awesome tracks on this album wasn’t easy. Ultimately, “An Old Fashioned Love Song” peaked one position higher (#4) on the Hot 100 than did “Never Been to Spain.” One thing interesting about this track is how meta it is… it describes itself as it is being sung.

220px-Three_Dog_Night_-_Cyan#8 – Three Dog Night – “Shambala” – (1973)

“Shambala” is one of Three Dog Night’s most fun songs and it came out in 1973 (dammit!). “Shambala” refers to an El Dorado-like mythical place that can be found in Tibetan Buddhism. I guess it’s like Shangri-La. Three Dog Night’s version of this song hit #3 on the Hot 100 (B.W. Stevenson released a version at the exact same time, but it was not as successful).