#25 – Third Eye Blind – “Never Let You Go” – (1999)

This is my favorite Third Eye Blind song – no it isn’t as good as “Jumper” and nowhere near the level of “Semi-Charmed Life” – but the way in which it is sung is very catchy. Blue was released in 1999, after the band’s popularity had peaked but it still managed another hit single: the slower “Deep Inside of You.”

#35 – Third Eye Blind – “Semi-Charmed Life” – (1997)

This was Third Eye Blind’s biggest hit and a defining song of the 90s. I heard this on the radio this morning, and I could clearly hear the lead singer say “Doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break.” Now, I appreciate unedited anything, as I am 100% anti-censorship, but why is it Third Eye Blind can sing about crystal meth, but Ke$ha (I know, “why are you listening to Ke$ha?”) gets the words “bottle of Jack,” “junk,” “crunk,” and “tipsy” blurred out of her song? It doesn’t seem right, but I’m not complaining. Just leave my kick-ass 90s songs intact.

#120 – Third Eye Blind – “Jumper” – (1997)

So here’s that other song about people jumping off buildings. I wouldn’t call the song “upbeat,” but it’s definitely more… inspired than say, “How It’s Going to Be,” which is a great song in its own right – but this list is only 200 songs long and Third Eye Blind has enough spots on here. “Jumper” is one of those pop-rock songs with meaning, which is something that has become increasingly rare in newer songs as most bands confuse “angst” with “meaning” nowadays.