220px-my-generation-2#20 – The Who – “My Generation” – (1965)

The Who released My Generation (the album) at the tail end of 1965 in the U.K., hence its inclusion here. It’s one of their most iconic hits and one of the great songs of the British Invasion – and one that set the tone for rock and roll for the rest of the 1960s.

Whosnext#3 – The Who – “Wont Get Fooled Again” – (1971)

Who’s Next is one of the best albums of the 1970s and the best thing The Who ever did. It has some of their best songs on it, including this eight and a half minute epic of a rock song with a brilliant opening that makes a good number of people want to dramatically take off their sunglasses and peer into the distance like David Caruso on CSI: Miami, the show for which this was the theme song.


#15 – The Who – “Who Are You” – (1978)

Known by a generation as the theme song for CSI, “Who Are You” was one of The Who’s biggest hits in the U.S. It came from the album of the same name, which was the final album released prior to Keith Moon’s death. It really is one of the band’s best songs and it’s odd, because it came so late after all of their other great stuff. We’ll call it their last great song. I haven’t really listened to this song in a while, and now that I am, it’s making me nostalgic for when CSI was a really good show.

The Who – “Going Mobile” – (1971)

Who’s Next is the greatest album by The Who and I’d call this the fifth-best song on the entire album. What I can’t understand however, is how this song has not been licensed for a cell phone commercial. It’s like that’s what it was written for! Fun fact: Roger Daltrey (whose name I just typed as Doger Raltry before correcting it) was not present for the recording of this song – the guy singing is actually Pete Townshend, who wrote it.