#19 – The Wallflowers – “One Headlight” – (1996)

Due to the idiotic rules for the Hot 100 at the time of this song’s release, it was ineligible to chart – and it would have charted fairly high if it were allowed to because it was a substantial hit – probably the biggest hit The Wallflowers had. Now, when it comes to song-writing ability I don’t know if Jakob Dylan had it hard or easy or whatever because of, well, you know, his dad and all, but the lyrics in this song are astounding and their performance is equally excellent and original. This song has such a steady beat that when it meets that sad, soulful guitar, it brings it all to life. This also has one of those great sing-along choruses: “Heeey, come on try a little/Nothing is forever/There’s got to be something better than/In the middle/But me and Cinderella/We put it all together/We can drive it home/With one headlight.” Great stuff.

There were two much lesser hits from Bringing Down the Horse: “6th Avenue Heartache” (which isn’t so bad) and “Three Marlenas” (which is). The Wallflowers’ best non-“One Headlight” tune has to be 1998s cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” It was done for the Godzilla soundtrack and it is better than the original (probably because it doesn’t sound all that dissimilar from “One Headlight”).