The Waitresses – “I Know What Boys Like” – (1982)

The Waitresses were a new wave band from Akron, Ohio and this was their biggest non-Christmas themed hit – hitting #62 in 1982. It was originally released in 1980 but failed to do anything. Yes, the song is somewhat nerve-grating, which is why if you want to see what this band was capable of, you need to check out their 1981 Christmas hit “Christmas Wrapping” which is actually quite good. The Waitresses had disappeared by 1984.

#12 – The Waitresses – “Christmas Wrapping” – (1981)

What a creative title. This song was written like a rap song. The lyrics aren’t necessarily sung, but I wouldn’t call it “rapping,” even it was 1981. This song, like an unusually high number on this list, was released on a mutli-artist compilation album, A Christmas Record.