220px-rollingstonesoutofourheadsalbumcover#17 – The Rolling Stones – “(I Can”t Get No) Satisfaction” – (1965)

I would call this the Rolling Stones’ signature song. It was a #1 hit in the U.S. (their first) and a #1 in a majority of European countries with their own charts. I think at this point you’d have to live under a rock to have never heard this… like you’d have to go way out of your way to avoid it.


BeggarsBanquetLP#9 – The Rolling Stones – “Sympathy For the Devil” – (1968)

Here is one of the Stones’ greatest songs. Lyrically, it’s brilliant, as it tells the story of the devil and his interactions with human history from his point of view. Listen carefully to the percussion here – it’s awesome and completely un-rock-and-roll. As far as great Stones songs go, this might be the best composition.

#19 – The Rolling Stones – “Shattered” – (1978)

Album covers used to be really cool. This is a fun Stones song (not all of their stuff is fun… some is nerve-grating). Mick Jagger is half-singing, half-just talking here – quickly in both cases. It’s like he’s trying to rap, except rap hadn’t yet been invented. And the music just hums along as he goes. Lastly, if you don’t currently say “shadoobie” after any utterance of the word “shattered” – now is the perfect time to start!

The Rolling Stones – “Doom and Gloom” – (2012)

Geriatrics they may be (try to focus on Noomi Rapace in the music video and not the band) the Stones can apparently still throw together a pretty solid rock-n-roll track. This is the first time that Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood have been in the studio together in seven years. And Mick Jagger’s voice is still very awkward when he has to hold a vowel (gloooooooom) – but that’s always been the case. The point being: had I not known better, I would’ve guessed this song was much older than it actually is. Because it’s brand new (end of 2012). The biggest downside? If you want the “new” album, you have to buy a glorified Greatest Hits album. I think the Rolling Stones have now put out as many Greatest Hits albums as they have original ones.