220px-TheDoorsTheDoorsalbumcoverThe Doors – “Break on Through (To the Other Side)” – (1967)

From the self-titled debut album of The Doors comes one of their most upbeat songs. This was their first single and it was a great one, even if it was unsuccessful upon release. If you want to hear what an “electric” guitar sounds like, pay close attention here because the guitar in this song sounds like it has a million volts zinging through the strings.

220px-The_Doors_-_L.A._Woman#12 – The Doors – “L.A. Woman” – (1971)

Not the biggest fan of the Doors, but this song is incredible. It’s their best album and probably their best track. Why were songs so long back in the 70s? It seems like half of the songs on this year’s list are over 7 minutes. “Mr. Mojo Risin'” would pass away a few months after this album’s release, making this song one of his final pieces of work. And what a good one.