The_Cars_-_The_CarsThe Cars – “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” – (1978)

From the opening chords and lyrics you might think (see what I did there?) that this isn’t anything special – but the chorus is really what sells this song. It wasn’t a major hit (it wasn’t even technically released as a single) but it still receives airplay here and there.

The Cars – “Shake It Up” – (1981)

“Shake It Up” was a top five hit for The Cars in 1981. It’s a “party song” – but I think I can qualify that by saying “by 1980s standards.” It is definitely the best song from the album, also called Shake It Up. The album was a success compared to their previous, more rock-oriented album. I’ve never considered The Cars as a major “rock” band – always more of a pop rock band. That’s obviously what they were best at.

The Cars – “Drive” – (1984)

This was The Cars’ highest charting single (it hit #3 in the U.S. and #1 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart) – and their best. The rest of their music, well, pretty much annoys me. I’m no fan of The Cars – at all. This song, however, I love. I mean, their other work doesn’t even come close. Oh, and the cover of Heartbeat City has a picture of a Plymouth Duster 340 which is an underwhelming but fairly sporty-looking car.