TheBeatlesSecondAlbumreissuecover#4 – The Beatles – “She Loves You” – (1964)

“She Loves You” was actually a standalone single from 1963 that was thrown onto their The Beatles’ Second Album album that Capitol records released in the U.S. in 1964. It was a #1 in the U.S. and it’s wonderful because this was the Beatles at their most elemental. Pure, simple, pop songs. No politics, so sadness, no drugs, no drama. Just happy, love me do, pop music. Also, this video is ridiculous. I wonder what these girls think now when they see themselves losing their shit over this band 55 years ago.


help#9 – The Beatles – “Yesterday” – (1965)

“Yesterday” is widely considered one of the best Beatles’ songs and it was famously titled “Scrambled Eggs” as a placeholder before more serious lyrics could be written. It was a #1 and was later used in the brilliant film Once Upon a Time in America. It’s weird – everyone loves the Beatles or whatever, but their music is so rarely used in film (other than Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I guess).

220px-revolver#17 – The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby” – (1966)

Revolver was a Beatles album from 1966 that featured quite a few hits, none better than “Eleanor Rigby.” There is a string section on this song that really makes for a great, haunting sound, which is appropriate because it’s kind of a sad song. It peaked just outside the top 10 in the U.S. at #11.

220px-thebeatlesmagicalmysterytouralbumcover#14 – The Beatles – “All You Need Is Love” – (1967)

More like “All You Need is Copyright Law.” The hardest place to find the Beatles is YouTube. Hey, but I guess McCartney needs the money… which must be nice because he is credited as a co-writer of this song, even though John Lennon wrote it. It was a #1 all over the world, including the U.S. and U.K. Included on Magical Mystery Tour, you can just imagine this song at the heart of Swinging London.

220px-thebeatles68lp#1 – The Beatles – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – (1968)

Yes, this is the inclusion from The White Album on this list. Why this one? Because it is beautiful – which should be obvious because George Harrison wrote it. The version below is not the normal version. Looking at the track list for this album, it’s pretty clear that this is the best, sorry “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.”

220px-Beatles_-_Abbey_Road#2 – The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun” – (1969)

Abbey Road was the second-to-last Beatles album to be released, but it was the last to be recorded (for the most part). It’s one of the greatest albums ever recorded and we could spend an hour writing about the cover of the album in itself. The greatest tracks on Abbey Road were written by George Harrison, the most likable Beatle. And this is one of those songs. It was written by George at Eric Clapton’s house and is downright beautiful. Ritchie Havens performed it famously at Woodstock. Because Beatles songs aren’t available on YouTube, here’s an awesome performance of George doing it solo.

220px-LetItBe#7– The Beatles – “Get Back” – (1970)

Trying to pick a song off of Let It Be isn’t easy but this is my favorite track from the album. This album wasn’t exactly a happy one, and this upbeat rock song features the amazing Billy Preston – the only Beatles song to share credit with another performer. It was also a #1 hit.

220px-BeatlesforsaleThe Beatles – “No Reply” – (1964)

Okay, it’s apparently hard to find Beatles songs on YouTube. The video below sort of has the song, broken up by a bunch of weird, racist 60s cartoons. It’s not The Beatles’ best work, but it’s not terrible and is kind of underrated. 

The Beatles – “Something” – (1969)

I figured I needed a Beatles song on here and was going to go with one of many, but then realized that the song had to be from Abbey Road. I was on my own when I went to try and find the real Abbey Road crosswalk and studios. I exited St. John’s Wood Tube station and instead of just kind of going straight (the correct way – I didn’t have a map or GPS) I bore to the left and ended up wondering around a very nice part of town. I saw what was probably the automotive highlight of my trip just as I was finding the famous crosswalk (a Ferrari 250GT Lusso). Also, much thanks to the lady in the nearby park who tried to point me in the right direction. The walls outside the studio are covered in handwritten fan messages – a testament to the lasting power of The Beatles. Earlier that day I was sitting in Regent’s Park on a Sunday (which was actually the 4th of July) watching people go about their lives while I listened to The Beatles. It was surreal. “Something” was one of the songs written by George Harrison (it has that distinct George Harrison-feel to it). It’s a beautiful song and one of the best that The Beatles ever did.