Avicii & Sebastien Drums – “My Feelings For You” – (2010)

The awesome video-game themed music video (more of a lyrics video) backs up this upbeat catchy dance song. This song is actually an updated (and infinitely better) version of a song with the same title by Cassius made back in 1999 (although it sounds much older). The “purists” that always come out of the woodwork to support abandoned artists when their songs are remade will no doubt disagree. The song was a big hit across Europe. And Avicii and Sebastien Drums are two different people. It’s not like a backup band or anything.

LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills – “Champagne Showers” – (2011)

This was LMFAO’s follow-up single to their massive hit “Party Rock Anthem.” It fizzled it and was overshadowed before it even had a chance to catch on. “Party Rock Anthem” was such a massive hit that this song was stuck in its shadow since its release. No one wanted to hear it. They wanted the big single. And by the time this was given an opportunity, their third single from Sorry For Party Rocking was released. It’s not as good as the first two, but it had the timing right and caught on and receives/d a lot of airplay. This is catchy, but it’s no “Party Rock Anthem.”

Daft Punk – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” – (2001)

Yeah, the video here is of Daft Hands – the viral version of someone who has written all of the song’s lyrics on their fingers and moves their hands like they’re doing karaoke. This was the song that got my hooked on electronica. Daft Punk is amazing, but for whatever reason (read: success), hardcore electronica fans tend to mock them. “It’s sooo lame that they’re successful and make money.” Whatever. Kanye West – America’s least most creative “musician” – sampled this song in his #1 hit “Stronger.” If you want to get someone hooked on techno – let them hear this. Or make them watch Daft Hands or Daft Bodies – it’s hard to hate the videos or the song. Oh, and as is apparently the case with all electro-house duos, Daft Punk is also from Paris.

Kraftwerk – “Trans-Europe Express” – (1977)

Kraftwerk is amazing. This song is from 1977 and it still kind of holds up. But if you’re on a train in Europe – this is the song you must be listening to. It’s the perfect train-riding song. That’s all there is to it. I talked a few weeks ago about their Tour de France Soundtracks and they’re great too, but this just seems required. Oh, and I’m pretty sure at least two of the people on that album cover could be Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte.

Justice – “Genesis” – (2007)

You’ve probably heard this song on TV – be it in a commercial or in a show. The first seconds of 30 or so seconds of buildup lead to a great drop at the 38 second mark. It’s one of the best songs in electronic music in the past 10 years. Justice is a French duo from Paris who were nominated for a Grammy for this album which is called “cross” when you speak it but the official title is “” – which is kind of a weird, Prince-y thing to do. Hey, I wonder if Genesis has a song called Justice…

Domino Dancing – “You Are My Sunshine” – (2009)

I really don’t know anything about Domino Dancing. Not where they’re from, who they are. Nada. I do know a few things: 1. I heard this song everywhere last summer (mostly at outdoor music festivals in France). 2. It is very misleading. Yes, I heard it everywhere, but not the full song. The first two minutes of this song consists of somebody singing “You are my sunshine” to a decent beat. This turns most people off to it. Then, at the two minute mark it goes insane. This was the part I heard in Europe – the part without lyrics. So I had no idea what it was. When I got back to North America I searched and searched. It took over four months but I finally found it and I’m so glad I did because it’s pretty awesome.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – “We No Speak Americano” – (2010)

This week was spent in Belgium with a night in Amsterdam. I don’t know what sort of “Belgian music” I was supposed to have heard, but I didn’t really hear anything. For that sake, I didn’t really hear anything music-wise in Amsterdam either. But what I imagine music in Amsterdam to sound like is house music. Techno. This was one of the biggest songs of 2010 – in Europe especially. It was a #1 hit in both Belgium and the Netherlands – as well as most of the rest of Europe (and South Korea). This song is based on Renato Carosone’s 1956 song “Tu vuo fa l’americano,” which is pretty good in its own right, but it just doesn’t have that house feel that you’d normally expect from a song from the 1950s. Oh, and as it turns out, people in both the Netherlands and Belgium do speak Americano – and quite well.