Bajofondo feat. Ryōta Komatsu – “Pa’ Bailar” – (2007)

Saving the best for last this week, we have a song by Bajofondo (formerly the Bajofondo Tango Club) of Uruguay/Argentina. This is an excellent electro-tango tune. This was featured on a commercial (Acura?) so you may have heard it. On the bandoneón is Japan’s Ryōta Komatsu. I’m not going to sit here and break this song down. I love it. It’s awesome. Give it a shot.

Carlos Libedinsky – Narcotango 2 – (2006)

Electro-tango is an even newer form of tango music. It combines smooth electronica with traditional tango music. Carlos Libedinsky’s “Narcotango” projects are classified as “neo-tango,” which is basically just Nuevo tango with some electronic backing. If you like the sound, this album is great. Some of the best tracks are “Solo por Hoy,” “Tres son Multitud,” and “El Aire en Mis Manos.” “Solo por Hoy,” however, is the best.

Astor Piazzolla – “Golazo” – (1977)

Astor Piazzolla is a very important figure in tango music. An Argentine by birth, he studied in Paris in the 1950s (and you can hear it in his music). But in the second half of the 1950s, after the “Golden Age” of tango had come and gone, Piazzolla started putting together his orchestra and by the time it was all said and done, he had revolutionized the sound. Nuevo Tango was born out of his work. As you’ll see from the next two days, tango would still have a lot more “Nuevo” to get.

Andres Linetzky & Ernesto Romero – “Sentimientos” – (2003)

“Sentimientos” (or feelings) is a newer song than the one featured yesterday, and frankly I like it a lot more. It’s instrumental – and that helps. It’s very moody but it has a good beat behind it, making it easy to picture yourself gliding across a shadowy dance floor. As the title of the song suggests, tango is about feeling – and the music here supports that. Just give it a listen.

Hector Varela – “Lilian” – (1940s)

Welcome to Tango Week! For whatever reason, I think tango music sounds awesome. It’s so evocative and dramatic. So this week we’ll be feature five different tango songs (actually one of them is an album). First up is a song from the 1940s – I haven’t been able to source an exact year, as doing so from foreign artists (especially older ones) can prove quite difficult. Hector Varela was a tango musician and bandleader from Argentina, getting his start in the early 1930s. He proved rather popular in Argentina in the 50s and 60s. This is a random song I came across from him and you’ll probably be able to notice, by week’s end, how tango has evolved through the years.