#18 – Sublime – “What I Got” – (1996)

Sublime has such a strong following to this day and if front man Bradley Nowell hadn’t died right before this album came out, Sublime might still be rocking it. This is one of two big hits from the album, which was the band’s third release (first on a major commercial label) and it really catapulted them into the mainstream. It was a #1 Modern Rock track as well as cracking the top 30 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart. The album was all over the place, stylistically, but this song is a mixture of alternative rock, ska and a little bit of hip-hop (lyrically). In other words: it’s awesome.

#146 – Sublime – “Santeria” – (1996)

Well Sublime was a tragic band. Just as (or right before) they hit the big-time, their lead singer overdoses and dies. “Santeria” is their coolest big-time hit. “What I Got” is a very close second. Think where these guys could be today…