Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina – “Stereo Love” – (2009)

Well there’s a reason this song has over 126 million views on YouTube. It is the longest charting song in the European Hot 100’s history (46 weeks), with 17 of those at #1. The song first appeared in 2009 and rocked the spring and summer of 2010. It didn’t peak in the United States until 2011. Edward Maya is Romanian, and the rumor you hear whispered in Europe is that Romania has the best dance clubs. With guys like Maya out there, I believe it. This song was absolutely huge. The video was shot in Greece, which isn’t in Spain, but the Mediterranean coast is pretty amazing regardless of where you’re viewing it. I can think of few better “summer songs” than this. It’s awesome.

K’naan – “Wavin’ Flag” – (2009)

K’naan is a Somali-born Canadian rapper. How many Somalian singers do you know? Anyway, “Wavin’ Flag” was one of the official songs for the 2010 World Cup. Actually, I believe that “Waka Waka” was the official official song. This was Coca-Cola’s official promotional song. Anyway, it reeks of soccer, football, futbol or whatever you wanna call it. It also is very international sounding – and just about every country had their own remix of the song. So what does this have to do with Spain? I was in Spain the day before they won the 2010 World Cup. It was about to get crazy. I was rooting for Holland.

Energpisy – “Joselito” – (1999)

“Joselito” is an instrumental flamenco song. Flamenco music originated in Spain in the 18th century and today has become famous for featuring amazing guitar work. And adding Flamenco + Spain = Flamenco dancers, which I expected to see everywhere (which was a dumb thing to expect). I did see one in Park Guell in Barcelona. This is the kind of music you hear in your mind walking around Spain – or the kind of music you hear on some kind of travel documentary while a camera man is walking around Spain.

Shakira feat. Dizzee Rascal – “Loca” – (2010)

“Waka Waka” may have been the song of the summer from a European perspective, but Shakira wasn’t ready to call it a year. I know “Loca” wasn’t technically released until September, a month after I returned, but the music video was shot in Barcelona. There are two versions of this, the English and Spanish version. The Spanish version features El Cata doing the rap, the English has Dizzee Rascal. This is both of the performers’ second song on this list and it has exhausted my knowledge of Dizzee Rascal’s discography. “Loca” is a good summer song and the video showcases the beach in Barcelona, which Discovery Channel ranked as the third best beach in the world. Maybe, but it’s way crowded.

João Donato – “A Rã” – (1971)

Yes, João Donato is Brazilian and Brazil isn’t even in Europe. This week I was in Spain – a day in Madrid and three days in Barcelona. I also realize that this song is an example of Bossa Nova, which is Brazilian music. However, while in Barcelona I visited the “Harlem Jazz Club” – which featured live Bossa Nova music, which is more or less Brazilian jazz. I’m still confused as to why they felt they needed to tack on “Harlem,” but whatever. So, for the sake of whatever, I felt I should feature some Bossa Nova for Barcelona.