Rob Zombie & Ozzy Osbourne – “Iron Head” – (2001)

Well this is a non-tradition duet (both Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne would probably beat you to near death with a guitar if you called this a “duet”). Whatever – it’s two musicians and vocalists joining forces for one song and the word “featured” is not in the artist line. Originally, Zombie was going to record this solo after working with Ozzy on it but he felt it lacked that special touch so he invited Ozzy to sing on it as well. Something different and a little heavier for your Friday. (Oh crap, I forgot this would be posted on Valentine’s Day – I guess I coulda went with something a little more romantic, eh?)

Rob Zombie – “Feel So Numb” – (2001)

I used to be a big Rob Zombie fan. Can’t quite explain why now. I couldn’t even tell you when the last album was that he released. For all I know, this was it (just checked, it isn’t). This album only had one official single, yet I seem to have half the album. This was a “promotional single” that I definitely recall hearing on rock radio a little over 10 years ago. I think the reason I like his music is that, for being hard rock, most songs seem to usually have a cool groove to them. Yeah, his lyrical delivery is more akin to yelling than singing, but the songs all feature some cool element in them.

#29 – Rob Zombie – “Dragula” – (1998)

I don’t listen to near the amount of rock music like this that I used to, but damn, I love this song. It charted okay in the U.S. but where I remember hearing this most was in video games – back in the late 90s this appeared on multiple popular titles including Twisted Metal 4, and more iconically (in my mind), in Gran Turismo 2. Dragula is the name of a car from the TV show The Munsters – it and The Munster Coach were built by legendary car builder George Barris. It’s basically a coffin with a huge V8 sitting out front – which is perfect for Rob Zombie. It’s weird, but I don’t know of an artist whose songs align more with their image than Rob Zombie – his songs are about death, the undead, and freakish things like that. But this is the best.

#49 – White Zombie – “More Human than Human” – (1995)

White Zombie was a heavy metal band fronted by Rob Zombie and this is their best-known song. Again, this song charted in the top 10 on both American rock charts (I sense this will be a continuing trend so I’ll go ahead and explain the difference: the Mainstream Rock chart charts songs played on radio stations that play primarily rock. It’s been around since 1981. The Modern Rock chart (now called “Alternative Songs”) is somehow different, listing the Top 40 most-played songs on modern rock radio stations. The difference is pretty thin, but I guess it’s there). Anyway, this is about as heavy as our chart is going to get (sorry, no Slipknot) and this song has been featured in many movies and TV shows such as the 90s movies The Cable Guy and Can’t Hardly Wait. Yes, we realize this is a strange song to publish on Valentine’s Day.