#41 – Rob Thomas – “Lonely No More” – (2005)

If you’ve been paying attention, Rob Thomas has kind of dominated this list. Matchboxy Twenty has been on here at least twice so far and now here’s Rob Thomas solo. He almost made it twice by himself. Not to mention, he kicked off the decade with our #1 Song of the 90s (“Smooth”). This is his first solo single and his biggest solo hit thus far (and he’s had some major hits). What sets it apart from the songs he did with Matchbox is that it sounds more of a combination of Marc Anthony and “Smooth” than it does Matchbox Twenty (that combination probably makes no sense to you, but it does to me – it has a Latin beat). It’s just more of a pop-feeling song and it set Rob Thomas off on an all-conquering pop music path. And we’re all better because of it.

Matchbox Twenty – “Long Day” – (1996)

Rob Thomas is one of the premier vocalists of the 90s – and today. There, I said it. He’s awesome. His voice is unique and there’s passion behind the lyrics. I wish Matchbox Twenty was still rockin’ like they were in 1996. I just bought this album (for only $6.99 on Amazon!) and feel like I stole it. It’s full of hits and awesome songs like this. This was the first single from Yourself or Someone Like You – well, it was their first single, period – and it’s a good one, although you don’t hear it as often today as the other tracks from this album.

#1 – Santana feat. Rob Thomas – “Smooth” – (1999)

Here it is, number one. This song was, well, massive, and I didn’t care for it much at the time (as it was overplayed). But man, oh man, how I love it now. It was the last #1 single of the 1990s and of the 20th Century. It spent 12 weeks at the top but it considered the most popular #1 single of all time (if you take into account total sales and time spent on the chart). It won 3 Grammys and Billboard ranked it #2 on their list of all-time #1 singles (behind “The Twist”). Oh, and it’s completely kick-ass. Chorus: “And just like the ocean under the moon / Well that’s the same emotion that I get from you / You got the kind of lovin’ that can be so smooth / Gimme your heart make it real / or else forget about it.” Not only are the lyrics delivered with severe punch from Mr. Thomas but ol’ Carlos on the guitar really tears it up. This song provided a real comeback boost for Santana, as they’ve had multiple hits since (and this was their biggest hit since 1971). The other from Supernatural was “Maria Maria” (also a #1 hit featuring The Product G&B). Other awesome lyrics: “Man it’s a hot one / like seven inches from the midday sun / I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone / but you stay so cool / my muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa / you’re my reason for reason / the step in my groove.” This song was an excellent way to end the 90s and really the only way to end this countdown. After 6 months and 200 tracks it’s finally over, but we’ll be back in a few months with another countdown (but don’t expect it to be 200 songs).