Richard Marx – “The Way She Loves Me” – (1994)

This was single #3 from Paid Vacation, which also featured “Now and Forever,” which turned out to be one of Richard Marx’s biggest this. This song is definitely in its shadow, but it’s more upbeat and fun. Yes, I just told you that a Richard Marx song is fun. It actually charted into the top 20 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart (which is more apt, as Richard Marx just about defines “Adult Contemporary in 1994”). Marx looks like Rob Lowe in this video.

Donna Lewis & Richard Marx – “At the Beginning” – (1997)

I will admit – I really liked this song when it came out and I haven’t heard it in a while. And I will also admit that as soon as it started I remember why I liked it so much the first time around. This song did okay on the Adult Contemporary chart and showed that Disney didn’t have a stranglehold on original songs in animated films (this one came from Anastasia and most of what I remember from the movie is that Hank Azaria did a voice and it was awesome). Good song – I don’t care if you mock me.

Richard Marx – “Now and Forever” – (1994)

What? A song from 1994 being confused for something from the 1980s? What the hell is wrong with me? Oh, maybe it’s because Richard Marx never changed his sound. This is just an acoustic soft rock song written by Marx that reached the top 25 on the Hot 100. This was also Marx’s final solo single that really made waves on the, uh, airwaves.

#72 – Richard Marx – “Right Here Waiting” – (1989)

Check out the cover art of Repeat Offender. Richard Marx looks like a cross between John Cougar Mellencamp and Billy Ray Cyrus. Cheap shots at his appearance aside, Richard Marx was a Billboard powerhouse near the end of the 80s. “Right Here Waiting” was his third #1 single on the Hot 100. Power ballads were just hitting their maximum worst at about this time and this one really avoids most of the clichés. It’s way more soft rock and adult contemporary – which is its saving grace. It was his final #1 (is it safe to assume he’s done?) but certainly not his last hit.