Police-album-synchronicityThe Police – “Wrapped Around Your Finger” – (1983)

First, this song has nothing to do with the other two from earlier this week. Second, depending on what country you’re in (U.S. or U.K.), this was either the fourth or second single, respectively, released from Synchronicity. It was a top ten hit in both countries, but did manage to hit #1 in Ireland. It’s just another great track from the Police in 1983.

The Police – “Every Breath You Take” – (1983)

This is the Police’s signature song – and Sting’s. Gotta love the upright bass he plays in the video. So why was “Synchronicity II” on the countdown and not this? Valid question. It probably should have been, is my answer. But it wasn’t – so here it is.

#21 – The Police – “Synchronicity II” – (1983)

Okay, so there was a more obvious choice for The Police but I thought it was too obvious. I narrowed it down between this and “Spirits in the Material World” but I thought since Synchronicity is one of the best albums of the decade, it should be represented – with its near title track at that. There’s kind of a dark tone to this song. “Another suburban family morning… Grandmother screaming at the wall.” It is, lyrically, one of the Police’s most interesting songs. “Many miles away… something crawls to the surface… of a dark, Scottish loch.” And of course there is that wonderful Police-only blend of reggae, punk and rock. Good stuff.