Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, & Pink – “Lady Marmalade” – (2001)

Four big female stars (plus Missy Elliott introducing them in the music video) came together for Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge to record this cover of Patti LaBelle’s 1974 hit. It was a Hot 100 #1 and #1 all over the world. It was a big song 13 years ago (wow) known as much for its then-risqué video as for anything about the song musically. Yes, this one is slightly more than a “duet.”

#100 – Pink – “Most Girls” – (2000)

“Most Girls” was a successful single from Pink’s debut album – long before she became trapped in this weird no man’s land between adult contemporary, pop and whatever it is her songs are doing. I do not care for anything she’s done, really, since this album. This was single #2 and it was a top five hit in the U.S. and a #1 in Australia. It was her highest charting single until she hit #1 in 2008. This is back when she had pink hair to match her name. The music video is chock full of embarrassingly awesome turn-of-the-millennia clothing and visuals. A decent way to kick off our countdown.