tdn1#14– Three Dog Night – “One” – (1968)

This song, off of Three Dog Night’s self-titled debut album released in 1968, was a top five single for the band in 1969. It was originally written and recorded by Harry Nilsson. It’s probably good that this song never made it to #1… because that is the loneliest number.

#72 – U2 – “One” – (1991)

Not only is “One” one of U2’s greatest songs, it is one of the greatest songs. Say what you want about Pop or Zooropa, but Achtung Baby is the only U2 album from the 90s that is still relevant. Mostly because of the two great singles from it that have been featured on this list. U2 is weird in that every few albums or so, they’ll just nail it – then follow it with weak album after weak album. I think they are about due for greatness again.