#73 – Jay-Z and Linkin Park – “Numb/Encore” – (2004)

In the era of YouTube, mashups are everywhere. Some creative individual will take a random song and splice and weave it together with another random track and create something new. Well back in 2004, mashups weren’t heard by most people outside of clubs and certainly not on the radio. Well that changed with the release of Collision Course – a collaborative album between Linkin Park and Jay-Z. It only had six songs on it and they were all Jay-Z songs mashed with those from Linkin Park. A couple of them are really good – this one might be the best. Lyrics are drawn from both songs and the music is from Linkin Park’s “Numb.” It was a #1 single on the Eurochart 100 and in Ireland and a top 20 in the U.S. Mixing two popular songs doesn’t get much better than this – because it enhances both songs.