Gloria Estefan & ‘N Sync – “Music of My Heart” – (1999)

There are two big names behind this song. No, not Gloria Estefan and ‘N Sync – but Diane Warren and David Foster. If you don’t know who they are, look them up as their hit-writing/producing ability is pretty strong. This song was nominated for two Grammys and an Oscar. It was a #2 hit on the Hot 100 and as I’ve had a 90s music listening resurgence lately (this includes a lot of ‘N Sync on my car radio) – I must say, this song is pretty good. Although Joey Fatone’s super red hair in the video really isn’t.

‘N Sync – “This I Promise You” – (2000)

This top five ‘N Sync hit was written by 80s pop star Richard Marx. The boy band of all boy bands released their version first, with Marx releasing twice thereafter. This was the group’s final single from No Strings Attached – and the final ‘N Sync single from the boy band era (sorry, Celebrity was a day late and dollar short – even just barely). This was a #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart, which is unusual because adults didn’t necessarily care for music like this back when it was popular (they still don’t – but the people who liked this in 2000 are now adults… which is scary).

#96 – ‘N Sync – “Bye Bye Bye” – (2000)

Remember when boy bands were so big that if they made an appearance on TRL (to premiere a video or just to chart with Carson Daly and his three-finger black nail polish) that the NYC police would have to barricade Times Square in an attempt to contain screaming tween fans? Well this song was about as big as possible in the early part of 2000. It dominated TRL – debuting at #1 and riding the top two spots (in a constant battle with the Backstreet Boys) – falling out of the top two only twice (for weird reasons I won’t explain) before it was “retired.” As was the strange case: TRL success didn’t transfer into chart success. This song peaked at #4 (perhaps a sign that this part of the MTV generation would rather illegally download than buy). No Strings Attached was a huge album but the beginning of the end for the short burst of boy bands in 1998/1999/2000.

#128 – *NSYNC – “Tearin’ Up My Heart” – (1998)

This song is quite different than anything from Orgy’s Candyass (#129) – except for maybe the title. I find this to be the most tolerable (er, I mean, “best”) song from the boy-band of boy-bands. Also from their eponymous debut album: “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You,” and “I Drive Myself Crazy.” Watch the video from the latter and tell me that Lance Bass… um… wasn’t extremely obvious. It’s obvious. If you’re looking for any “Bye Bye Bye” info you’re gonna have to wait for out post-90s countdown.