New Kids on the Block – “Hangin’ Tough” – (1988)

New Kids were kind of the prototypical “Boy Band” as we know it today: a handful of white dudes with distinctive personalities/roles within the group. “Hangin’ Tough” was their semi-rap song about how hard they were – which is to say, not very. Donnie Wahlberg can be heard on lead vocals and there is even a great late-80s guitar solo. So why have I confused the decades here? Because I associated NKOTB with the 90s. I assumed the 1990s were laid out as such: Early-90s; the New Kids hit it big. Mid-90s: the New Kids break up. The Late-90s: Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre have popular solo hits and Donnie Wahlberg becomes famous for being Marky Mark’s brother. Or at least, that’s how I picture it as written in the history books.