bloodsweat3yearsCash Cash and Digital Farm Animals feat. Nelly – “Millionaire” – (2016)

This song deserved to be a hit. It combines the new thing: radio-friendly electronica – with something great: Nelly. Any song that can get Nelly to quote one of his most famous lines is worth listening to. Cash Cash is an American electronic group and Digital Farm Animals is the name of a British DJ. And you obviously know Nelly… it’s a great combo.

#20 – Nelly – “Country Grammar (Hot Shit)” – (2000)

“Hmmmm… I’m going down down baby…” This was Nelly’s first single and it’s always remained one of his best. It wasn’t his biggest hit – it peaked at #7 on the Hot 100 (he’s has #1s since). The lyrical structure of the song almost resembles a clapping song – a weird thing for a rapper to burst onto the scene with. “Shimmy shimmy cocoa what. Listen to it pound. Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now.”