#66 – Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland – “Promiscuous” – (2006)

Let’s start with the fact that Timbaland ruled 2006. He produced everything that mattered that year. Then there was his complete reinvention of Nelly Furtado – quirky Canadian singer/songwriter turned R&B sex symbol. Whaaat? She’s always been attractive but someone came in and “slutted” her up a bit and it resulted in a #1 hit on the Hot 100. The lyrics consist of an insanely catchy duet with a clear delivery which makes them easy to memorize – which always helps popularity. Timbaland is very good in this as well. It kind of still stands as the highlight of Nelly Furtado’s makeover.

Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy – “Morning After Dark” – (2009)

Everything Timbaland touched in 2007 was golden. He ruled the year. His first hit that year featured Nelly Furtado and so did this, the first single from the follow-up album, released in 2009. It was not as strong as anything from 2007. Timbaland was responsible for Nelly Furtado’s transformation from quirky to, well, hot. And she’s the best part of this song. Timbaland is singing very strangely and it makes the song feel like a joke – not like it’s terrible, but like he’s trying to make it funny or something. The response from fans was hit or miss, with the song charting at very different positions all over the world. It wasn’t a great follow-up, but he’s got a new album due out this summer, so we’ll see if he can bounce back.

N*E*R*D feat. Nelly Furtado – “Hot-N-Fun” – (2010)

While visiting Cinque Terre, we stayed in nearby La Spezia (just south of Riomaggiore). Each morning while waiting for each other to get ready so we could walk across the street to the train station from our hotel, we’d flip on the TV. There was one channel we could kind of understand and that was DeeJay TV (the station we saw Lady Gaga on in Venice). I remember seeing the video for this song and absolutely falling in love with the song. Still, a year later, I listen to the song at least weekly. Almost every time I hear it I think back to La Spezia and wish so hard that I was still there.