Michael Buble – “Nice ‘n’ Easy” – (2005)

Nice ‘n’ Easy was the title of a 1960 Sinatra album with this as the title track. It’s one of Sinatra’s signature songs (one of his many, anyway) and while I think Buble does a pretty decent cover of it, it takes either a certain arrogance or balls to even cover Sinatra and think you can do it over and over again. Like him or not, he pulls this one off.


Michael Buble – “Summer Wind” – (2003)

We’ve covered a number of Buble hits that were originals to his albums. Well now we’re getting into his covers of old standards (and how about a switch-up from the two songs from earlier this week?). The song was released on his 2003 album and it was not released as a single. The song was originally written in 1965 by Johnny Mercer and Heinz Meier. It was first recorded by Wayne Newton but the best known version is by Frank Sinatra. This version ain’t bad either.

Michael Buble – “Lost” – (2007)

Michael Buble does a lot of vocal standards. That’s most of his repertoire, but occasionally he puts out a pop song (to try and gain airplay and sell records) that is original to the album it appears on. This song was actually co-written by Buble himself and it’s not a happy one. It was an adult contemporary hit, reaching #2 on that specific chart, though it could only manage #97 on the Hot 100.

Michael Bublé – “Feeling Good” – (2005)

Sorry in advance, but I have a lot of Michael Bublé songs to add to this site’s “Ultimate Playlist.” I’ll try to space them out, but they will be coming. This cover of a song originally recorded by Cy Grant (and made famous by Nina Simone) is, possibly, my favorite Bublé song.

#27 – Michael Bublé – “Everything” – (2007)

Up front: I think all of Michael Bublé‘s current songs sound exactly the same. He was interesting when he first popped onto the scene. Now he’s kind of passé. That makes me sound awfully haughty, but whatever. “Home” is my favorite song by him, but I’ve already featured it – but this is a good #2. This is more of a pop – or adult contemporary – song than most of the “standards” that he covered almost exclusively prior to this. If I had to describe this song in three words (which is two words longer than the title), I’d say “Wedding Dinner Playlist.”

Michael Bublé – “Home” – (2005)

One my way to Europe, when I arrived in Toronto to catch my connecting flight, the first song I heard playing in the airport concourse was a Michael Bublé song. It seemed expected nothing less. When I got to the airport in Toronto to catch the final flight of my journey, this was the song I listened to, waiting in some far away section of the airport for the little commuter jets. It was like 7 in the morning and there was hardly anyone there. It was weird being home. And I want to go back. We’ll be back in a week or so with some more hits from the 80s, 90s, or maybe some other decade. Maybe we’ll start another countdown. We’ll see what I feel like in a week or so…