#24 – Matchbox Twenty – “Mad Season” – (2000)

Hey, it’s Rob Thomas again! To me, this is like the “Real World” of the 2000s. This album (which shares its name with the song) had bigger hits – two of them if I’m remember correctly – but I think this is the finest single from the album – and the most “Matchbox Twenty.” They are all signature songs of the band, but there’s something about this one I just like more – maybe it’s that it sounds more like something from Yourself or Someone Like You.

#69 – Matchbox Twenty – “How Far We’ve Come” – (2007)

Exile on Mainstream – while a play on the Rolling Stones’ classic album Exile on Main St. – was essentially a greatest hits album from Matchbox Twenty. It featured 11 of their biggest this and six new songs. This was the top of the new songs and a big hit single for the band, who hadn’t released new material in five years. The song could’ve been released on any of the band’s previous albums – that’s how Matchbox Twenty it is (unlike their newer stuff which sounds like Rob Thomas solo stuff). It peaked at #3 on the Adult Contemporary Chart, hitting #11 on the Hot 100. It’s awesome.

#76 – Matchbox Twenty – “Bent” – (2000)

Well I hope you like Matchbox Twenty because this is not the last time they will appear on this countdown. I just had to go back and listen to the three singles from Mad Season and justify this song being #76 (versus potentially elsewhere on the list or not on it at all). I think I got it right. And I’ll go ahead and say here that the song featured next Monday should have been swapped with this song, but I’m already this far writing it and don’t want to start over. This was a #1 on the Hot 100 – bumped by one of ‘N Sync’s biggest tracks, making this their biggest hit. Rob Thomas should be considered one of the kings of the 2000s. He was everywhere – he had the first #1 hit of the new millennium and continued pumping out hits – from lead singer, to solo artist, to feature artist. And this is one of the best.

Matchbox Twenty – “Long Day” – (1996)

Rob Thomas is one of the premier vocalists of the 90s – and today. There, I said it. He’s awesome. His voice is unique and there’s passion behind the lyrics. I wish Matchbox Twenty was still rockin’ like they were in 1996. I just bought this album (for only $6.99 on Amazon!) and feel like I stole it. It’s full of hits and awesome songs like this. This was the first single from Yourself or Someone Like You – well, it was their first single, period – and it’s a good one, although you don’t hear it as often today as the other tracks from this album.

#24 – Matchbox Twenty – “Push” – (1996)

Yourself or Someone like You launched five (5!) big singles onto the pop charts (okay, I didn’t research to see if they all charted, but I have heard them all on the radio). I generally consider “Real World” to be the definitive song of the five, but I think this is the best. There were a lot of pop songs dealing with heavy issues like abuse in the 90s and they all still maintained an element of cheerfulness… weird. “3 A.M.” is the other great one.

#37 – Matchbox Twenty – “Real World” – (1996)

If you wonder what it’s like to be the rainmaker, then this is the song for you. Matchbox Twenty was one of the premier alt rock bands of the 90s. This song charted poorly but was an Adult Contemporary smash. Interesting note: this album, Yourself or Someone Like You was incorrectly listed as a Third Eye Blind (I believe) album on the DVD game Scene-It: Music. As a music fan, that is infuriating. Anyway, also from this album are the songs “Long Day” and “Back 2 Good.”