Marc Anthony – “Vivir Mi Vida” – (2013)

This song is a Spanish cover of a French song. Both are super catchy, but I like the Spanish one better because Marc Anthony added a salsa element to it that the French one obviously lacked. This was a big hit, topping the charts in Colombia (I didn’t even know they had a chart) and doing quite well in Mexico and Spain. It also topped three Billboard charts: Hot Latin Songs, Latin Pop Songs, and Tropical Airplay. It also won the Latin Grammy for Record of the Year.

Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony – “Rain Over Me” – (2011)

Marc Anthony hasn’t done a lot of business on mainstream U.S. radio since, umm, about 2000. Nowadays he’s more famous for having married Jennifer Lopez, but he kills it in this song. Pitbull has been about everywhere since about 2010 and as time has progressed, I’ve noticed that when he starts rapping (or whatever) in Spanish, it seems to be more and more “phoned it” every time. He just kind of mumbles. I’m jealous he’s making a career out of mumbling (“ya tu sabe”). This video is classic Pitbull: a white suit, hand motions with fingers spread, reflective sunglasses, the sun, beautiful women, and him – at some point – throwing his arms in the air and spinning as the beat drops. But Marc Anthony really makes this song – he’s still got the pipes he did 10 years ago and it really helps make this dance track more pop-y.

#153 – Marc Anthony – “I Need to Know” – (1999)

Is Marc Anthony more famous for A) this song (or any song) or B) marrying Jennifer Lopez? I wouldn’t want to have to answer that in his presence. Anthony’s success was partially a result of the Latin music wave of 1999 but also because his two big singles weren’t really that bad. The other was “You Sang to Me.”