Vince Guaraldi – “Linus and Lucy” – (1964)

This isn’t technically a Christmas song but the only airplay it gets is every year around Christmastime. It’s famous for this because it appeared in the television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas and also on that soundtrack, in 1965. It’s a well-known piece of music and every time I hear it I picture Schroeder sitting at a mini-piano playing it while all the Peanuts characters dance around him. Some people think that this is the “Peanuts theme” but that’s not really true either, even though it did appear in most of the TV specials. Technically or not, in my mind, this is the song when it comes to Peanuts.

#15 – Vince Guaraldi – “Christmastime Is Here” – (1965)

Vince Guaraldi was the official composer for the Peanuts TV specials. The vocal version of “Christmastime is Here” (apparently there is also an instrumental version) is the most Christmas-y. Guaraldi’s version of “O Tannenbaum” evokes memories if little cartoon characters skating around on a frozen pond. Then there is the most famous song, “Linus and Lucy” which is the theme for Peanuts. It’s really not a Christmas song, but it will forever be linked with the holiday due to its use in A Charlie Brown Christmas.