Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_II#8 – Led Zeppelin – “What Is And What Should Never Be” – (1969)

“What Is and What Should Never Be” is from Led Zeppelin’s second album – and second album of 1969 (yes, they put out their first two albums in the same year). This was the first song Led Zeppelin recorded that gave Robert Plant writing credit, as it was written by Plant and Jimmy Page. It’s one of the best songs the band ever made. 

Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_IV#19 – Led Zeppelin – “Rock and Roll” – (1971)

With one of the best, most recognizable beginnings in rock and roll, “Rock and Roll” is our choice from Led Zeppelin IV. Yes, it got chosen over “Stairway to Heaven.” It’s just awesome and has been used in what seems like a ton of advertisements over the past few years.

Led_Zeppelin_-_Physical_Graffiti#8 – Led Zeppelin – “Kashmir” – (1975)

Physical Graffiti was the last Led Zeppelin album to feature some really great stuff. That hard rock-defining sound they cultivated prior to 1975 was still on full display, but it tapered off pretty quickly after this. Side two of this double album is where all the action is, with the three songs there (and “Kashmir” being the third) being the best on the album. It’s an eight-and-a-half minute epic. It’s one of Zeppelin’s best songs – and the members of the band agree, with Robert Plant calling it “the pride of Led Zeppelin.”

As we gear up for our next countdown, we’ll hit you with a few random songs over the next few months. We’ll start with this song from Zeppelin that comes from their album Led Zeppelin II (1969).

There really isn’t anything too remarkable about the song. It’s standard Zeppelin fare. I’ve actually seen it called a “masterpiece” but I’m not as big a fan of the band as I used to be, so I think I can un-biased-ly (is that a word?) call it “average.” Led Zeppelin wrote far more interesting songs, and although it’s still played on classic rock stations, it tends to be somewhat forgotten about. I’ve never heard anyone call this their “favorite Led Zeppelin song.”

However, the lyrics are delivered awesomely by Mr. Plant. Here’s a sample:

“If the sun refused to shine,

I would still be loving you.

When mountains crumble to the sea,

There would still be you and me.”