220px-Continuum_(album)John Mayer – “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” – (2006)

Continuum is one of my favorite albums. It’s full of really good songs from John Mayer right before his sound started to change. I mean, this was a departure from his previous albums as it’s pretty somber and blues-y, but it hadn’t gone folksy just yet. This was the fourth single from the album – but it only just barely made it onto the Hot 100, peaking at #99, which is a shame, because it’s pretty good.

John Mayer – “Bigger Than My Body” – (2003)

Look at how young John Mayer looks in this video. This was the first single from his second studio album, Heavier Things. The album title is John being snarky at his critics that said he only wrote light, poppy songs. In a different way, this song has much more electric guitar (a heavier sound) and was his first post-9/11 album (and light, poppy songs sort of disappeared for a bit). Yet this song is still upbeat and happy and very radio friendly (something Mayer seems to be grasping for at this point, but at the same time, I don’t think he cares).

John Mayer feat. Taylor Swift – “Half of My Heart” – (2009)

Well 2009 is officially over five years ago, so I can feature songs from that year. And this duet between John Mayer and Taylor Swift gained significant radio popularity in the first half of 2010. It peaked at #25 on the Hot 100 and its best performance was on the Adult Top 40 chart, where it reached #2. This is the kind of song the Adult Contemporary crowd loves.

John Mayer – “3×5” – (2001)

Here’s another great song from John Mayer’s debut album. Say what you want about him or his behavior, songs, etc. now – he wrote some damn fine pop music back in 2001. This song didn’t even actually make the cut of the original release but was added when it had its major-label re-release. It’s really good. I love this album. I’ll probably end up featuring almost every track individually on this site.

John Mayer – “Neon” – (2001)

Room for Squares is a great album. Just about every song is a winner and this is one of the best. This was the early, more pop-focused John Mayer so it’s upbeat yet soft. This was never a single, but knowing how well the singles did from his first album, I have little doubt this would’ve been a solid adult contemporary hit back about 2002. This is one of my favorite songs of his.

John Mayer – “Vultures” – (2006)

This is my favorite song from my favorite John Mayer album – but it isn’t my favorite John Mayer song. It is the only song on the album that was actually written by the entire John Mayer Trio and the live version is pretty awesome too (not something I can always say about any artist). The guitar hook is super catchy and the lyric delivery just rocks (both are pretty normal for John Mayer). It’s bluesy and pop-esque and very, very good.

#15 – John Mayer – “No Such Thing” – (2001)

John Mayer has had some good songs over the years but this was the first and it’s still among my favorites of his. It hit #13 on the Hot 100 and still receives regular radio airplay. I remember when I first heard it (out of town, of course – it took an extra few months before radio stations where I live to pick up new music). I remember thinking: this is good, upbeat, clean music with a very original vocal delivery. Room for Squares is one of the best albums of the decade and this is arguably the best song on it. But more importantly, it launched the career of one of – like him personally or not – the best musicians we have right now.

#52 – John Mayer – “Your Body is a Wonderland” – (2001)

John Mayer has changed styles and looks a few times over the years but what hasn’t changed is A: his ability to play the guitar and B: that he’s actually a really good songwriter. This was Mayer’s second single from Room for Squares – his breakout album. The singles were released in 2002 and after his first single took off, this was released and it was even bigger. A big A/C hit, it peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 and remains one of his best songs. People mock his vocals a lot – and this song contributes heavily to that – but it’s a really good song, I don’t care what you say. And it should probably be much higher on this list.