Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J – “All I Have” – (2002)

This was the second single from J.Lo’s “Jenny From the Block” album (that’s not actually what the album’s called, but it’s the single it is best known for and how I refer to not only the album but this phase in J.Lo’s career – as if I do this a lot). This is one of those #1 hits that I don’t ever actually remember hearing on the radio. I remember the Christmas-themed video on MTV back in the day, but the song was somewhat foreign for many years. And this is one of the last songs I can recall from LL Cool J before he went all NCIS on us.

#41 – Jennifer Lopez – “If You Had My Love” – (1999)

There was Britney, Christina and JLo – they were the big three solo female acts of 1999. Britney was too bubblegum – Christina tried too hard. Jennifer Lopez’s songs had decent beats and that Latin flavor that was so popular in 1999 (no matter how hard Christina tried, she couldn’t match it). This was her first single from her first album and I think it qualifies as her best – from when her music wasn’t that bad (i.e. before she met Ja Rule). Her third English single from On the 6 (after this and “Waiting for Tonight”) was “Feelin’ So Good” with Fat Joe and Big Pun.

#143 – Jennifer Lopez – “Waiting for Tonight” – (1999)

“Waiting for Tonight” was one of the unofficial anthems of the new millennium. It was one of the early videos from “Making the Video” and it featured green lasers and water spraying and, um, Jennifer Lopez. The lyrics themselves really have nothing to do with New Years, but every time I hear this song I invariably think of December 31, 1999 – and how cool MTV used to be.