220px-Incubus_-_Morning_ViewIncubus – “Nice To Know You” – (2001)

Morning View was Incubus’s biggest album in terms of sales, and probably, hits. This was the first track, and the second single. It reached the top ten on both the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts.

220px-Incubus_ScienceIncubus – “Vitamin” – 1997

Incubus really hit it big in 1999 with “Drive” but before that they were more of a fringe band – even though this, their second album, was certified Gold by the RIAA. This song was never a single, but in the late-90s it was bundled with this album’s biggest single on a video game that got a lot of play around here. Almost 20 years later (holy crap) I still dig it.

#86 – Incubus – “Warning” – (2001)

I couldn’t decide between this and another song from this album – they’re very similar. But I picked this one and my reasons aren’t even clear to me. I guess it’s because I remember it more. It was the third single from Morning View – which, coincidentally, is the last Incubus album I really cared about or even noticed was released. I kind of gave up on this genre of music shortly after – which is why the forthcoming “Top Rock Songs of the 00s” will probably piss a lot of people off because it’s weighted heavily toward the early 2000s. Oh well. This is still a decent song and proof that Incubus really rocked (and might still, I couldn’t tell you). Also: I love some of the lyrics especially the beginning “Bat your eyes girl…”

#11 – Incubus – “Drive” – (1999)

When I went to check my list to write this post, I thought I had made a mistake. I could’ve sworn this song was in the top 25 of our Top 200 Songs of the 90s countdown. But it wasn’t – so in that regard, I had made a mistake (I think it was actually left off that list because, although Make Yourself was released in 1999, “Drive” wasn’t released as a single until 2000). Either way, this song is amazing. This was a top ten on the Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock chart as well as a #1 on the Modern Rock chart. I like songs from Incubus from before this album, and after. But nothing they’ve done matches this, as far as I’m concerned. It’s mellow and not overly heavy but I think that is to its advantage. “Would you choose water over wine? Hold the wheel and drive.” These wonderfully delivered lyrics by Brandon Boyd really help make the song and give it the relaxed vibe that it has.