DJ Sammy and Yanou feat. Do – “Heaven” – (2002)

Yeah, I’m really stretching the definition of “duet” here – slaughtering it really. DJ Sammy (who is from Spain) and Yanou (who is from Germany) are two DJs and they recruited Dutch singer Do to do vocals on this dance cover of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” While the Bryan Adams version hit #1, this version – or, the “Candlelight Mix” (which is a less-techno-y version) – ended up at #8 on the Hot 100. I prefer the faster, non-Candlelight version.

#70 – Los Lonely Boys – “Heaven” – (2004)

Los Lonely Boys is a trio from Texas that performs their own unique style of music. It’s a blend of Tejano, country, blues and rock. And this song exemplifies that combination. This was their debut single, which is pretty amazing, and they’ve yet to top it. It hit #16 on the Hot 100. It’s got some Spanish lyrics and you can almost feel Texas oozing through the song.