#50 – Green Day – “Brain Stew” – (1995)

Green Day more or less carried the mainstream punk rock flag through the 90s. Yeah, they had help from The Offspring and, later, Blink 182, but as far as commercial success goes, Green Day wins the war. Insomniac wasn’t the first album from Green Day that had commercial success (that would have been Dookie the previous year) – in fact, “Brain Stew” was the only track of note from this album (go ahead, Green Day fans, tell me why I’m wrong). “Brain Stew” received a fair amount of airplay, becoming a top ten hit on two different rock charts (Mainstream and Modern).

So yes, we’re on another countdown. It’s the Top 50 Rock Songs of the 90s. Over the next 10 weeks we’ll be counting down 50 rock songs from 50 different artists (yes entry on the list per artist, again). We’ll be looking at different kinds of rock – grunge, metal, some heavier rock, some pop-ier rock, some from bands associated with the 80s, some punk and some one-hit wonders. And none of these songs will be repeats from out Top 200 of the 90s list.

#123 – Green Day – “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” – (1997)

I loathe Green Day – Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. That said, this is a good song – orchestra strings never hurt in that regard. It is the only worth mentioning from Nimrod but 1994’s Dookie had a few songs to note: “When I Come Around,” “Basket Case,” and “Longview.” “Brain Stew” was the only ‘good’ song from 1995’s Insomniac.