#10 – Chic – “Good Times” – (1979)

Disco was a force of nature. It came in, swept everyone up, and left a hated thing. But it gave us some memorable music, this song among them. This was Chic’s second #1 hit and was the #1 R&B hit of 1979. If you read about this song, you’ll learn that it’s lyrics are based on songs by Al Jolson and Milton Ager – songs from the 1920s and 30s and that it’s a statement about the then economic depression. Deep stuff, Chic. Then again, the words “roller skates” are in the song too, so read into those claims as much as you want.

Roll Deep feat. Jodie Connor – “Good Times” – (2010)

Grime is a type of music that I can best describe as garage band meets hip-hop. It’s like garage hip-hop. Roll Deep consists of a handful (okay, more than a handful) or members, none of whom are more famous on their own. Dizzee Rascal was in the group at its beginning and this song kind of sounds like he’s still there. This was a #1 single in the U.K. and made no waves in the U.S. It’s a fun song.