220px-Golden_Earring_-_Moontan#13 – Golden Earring – “Radar Love” – (1973)

I love Golden Earring because they had two massive hits – each more than a decade apart. So we’re overdue for another. This is one of the best driving songs ever recorded. These Dutchmen can rock. It hit #13 in the U.S. and has appeared in countless TV episodes and films. 

#82 – Golden Earring – “Twilight Zone” – (1982)

Some people know this as “When the Bullet Hits the Bone.” I’ve always known it as “Twilight Zone” (its actual title) but the reasoning for the alternate title is that it is said more often (and in the chorus). I’m not going to go through and count, but I’m pretty sure the words “twilight zone” are said a fair amount as well. The beginning of this song has spoken word: “Somewhere early in the morning… It’s 2 a.m.” Then the actual singing (by the actual lead singer) that starts with the now repeated line: “It’s 2 a.m.” The next few lines are also repeated spoken word style by the guitarist. I don’t know why but that gives off a really cool, almost scary, effect. The album version of this song is a few seconds short of 8 minutes, but the single was about 20 seconds under five minutes – I recommend the full album cut. This song made it to #10 on the Hot 100 and it isn’t necessarily a good example of 80s rock music (I think hair bands – these guys were Dutch) but it’s still an awesome song.