Tubeway Army – “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” – (1979)

Tubway Army was the New Wave band fronted by Gary Numan, who would go on to have a very successful solo single of his own. In fact, his solo single was so big that many people forget this song – and even this band – ever happened. It’s synthpop – and early synthpop at that, having been released in early 1979. It was a #1 in the U.K. The music is actually kind of odd and it just drones on and on with robotic-like lyrics. It’s like listening to early Kraftwerk and I only use that comparison because, at the time of its release, there really wasn’t much to compare it to.

Gary Numan – “Cars” – (1979)

Gary Numan, who is not German, despite what the image at left would make you think… okay, maybe that’s not fair. But there’s something oddly German about a guy with well-combed hair in a suit and eyeliner who is sitting in a bleak area staring at a triangle. Then there’s the music video – maybe it’s just 80s electronic music that screams “German.” Anyway… Gary Numan, from the U.K., had this big hit in 1979/80. It may sound dated now, but when it comes to synthpop and New Wave, there are few better examples. This song goes hand in hand with “Pop Muzik” in my mind for whatever reason. Agree?