fletmac#17 – Fleetwood Mac – “Say You Love Me” – (1975)

What is great about this, Fleetwood Mac’s second self-titled album, is it is the first of the modern Fleetwood Mac sound. It’s the first album to feature Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in the revised lineup. Their sound transformed from blues-y rock to radio-friendly rock – and boy did the band take off. This was one of two #11 singles from this album and it was the start of something really big.

rumours#1 – Fleetwood Mac – “The Chain” – (1977)

Honestly, if I didn’t abide by the rule of “only one song per artist per year” on this whole “Top 21 by Year” thing, then Fleetwood Mac would’ve covered half of 1977. Rumours is the greatest album of all time – every single song is fantastic. It’s one of the biggest-selling albums of all time and “The Chain” is the only song on the album that is credited to every member of the band. Really, it’s incredible that this album was ever finished considering that the band was basically exploding from within – and that’s where the genius of a lot of the songs come from. I could’ve picked almost any song from this album to be #1 (I had to whittle it down from five), but this, to me, stands out among the others.

#14 – Fleetwood Mac – “Tusk” – (1979)

Famous for its featuring of the USC marching band, “Tusk” is a drum-heavy song from the Fleetwood Mac album of the same name. The drums here outweigh everything. The lyrics seems whispered and the beat just marches on – it’s much more rock than some of their more immediately previous work. It’s a pretty awesome song with a very different feel from most of their stuff.