Fantasia – “I Believe” – (2004)

The purpose of this site originally was to highlight songs from the 1990s that you (and time) forgot about. Over time it has evolved into a site about music in general – a song-a-day type of thing. Well here is a song I’m almost certain you don’t remember. By an artist you might not even remember. Fantasia Barrino won the third season of American Idol and then disappeared as far as I know. What sucked about American Idol then (don’t worry, it still sucks now) was that the final song by the winner would always shoot to #1 on the Hot 100 because for some dumb reason Billboard counted all of those teenagers’ text votes as song requests or something. This was a #1 hit. That should infuriate you. I have never heard it on the radio. Not even then. The only good thing here is, unlike all of these crappy shows like The Voice where some over made-up weirdo sings a cover of a song already made famous by a talented individual – this was an original song written for American Idol.