#29 – Rob Zombie – “Dragula” – (1998)

I don’t listen to near the amount of rock music like this that I used to, but damn, I love this song. It charted okay in the U.S. but where I remember hearing this most was in video games – back in the late 90s this appeared on multiple popular titles including Twisted Metal 4, and more iconically (in my mind), in Gran Turismo 2. Dragula is the name of a car from the TV show The Munsters – it and The Munster Coach were built by legendary car builder George Barris. It’s basically a coffin with a huge V8 sitting out front – which is perfect for Rob Zombie. It’s weird, but I don’t know of an artist whose songs align more with their image than Rob Zombie – his songs are about death, the undead, and freakish things like that. But this is the best.