220px-Patsy_Cline-_Original_Showcase#19 – Patsy Cline – “Crazy” – (1961)

Patsy Cline took this song to #2 on the country charts in 1961 (and the top ten on the Hot 100). It’s a straight-ballad, but did you know it was written by Willie Nelson (how long has Willie Nelson been around!?). It’s a great vocal performance and sounds like some of the great country vocals of the 50s.


#18 – Gnarls Barkley – “Crazy” – (2006)

This is another one of those songs that many people would’ve put at #1 on this list. I think it’s near-amazing, but not quite and I was never a fan of it when it came out. Cee Lo Green (the vocalist here and half of Gnarls Barkley) has gone on to be much more famous outside this song but this is what put him on most people’s maps (he was in Goodie Mob back in the 90s). It hit #2 in the U.S. and has appeared everywhere and won a Grammy. This is easily one of the biggest songs of the decade by arguably a one-hit wonder.

Aerosmith – “Crazy” – (1993)

“You say that you’re leaving on a 7:30 train and you’re heading out to Hollywood.” This is definitely a bluesy rock track from those opening lyrics. “Crazy” was the final single released from Get a Grip and it came out as a single in 1994. Again, not their best work, in fact, the song drives me a little crazy (yeah, I rolled my eyes too). Strangely, this is another Aerosmith song that features Alicia Silverstone in the video. I’m not sure what the obsession was, but she starred in three of the band’s videos in the early 90s. It made her famous, but I wouldn’t say it benefitted the band – but what do I know?