Young MC – “Bust a Move” – (1989)

I think it’s fair to call Young MC a “one-hit wonder” – but what a hit it was. I’m planning a future “history of rap/hip-hop” list and this would have been a perfect fit, because it’s so classic, but I’m kind of burning it here instead as it was released in 1989 but I associate it with the 90s (I guess I should’ve just considered 1989 as part of the 90s, but then I’d be aimless for these weeks as to what I’d post). This song shows up on TV shows and in movies almost constantly and it never really gets old. Trivia: Young MC was actually born in London and this song features Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on bass. One of my favorite TV appearances – not of this song or Young MC – was on Scrubs where they meet “Old MC,” an old Young MC impersonator.