#16 – Bush – “Glycerine” – (1994)

Sixteen Stone was one of the best rock albums of the decade. It came out in December of 1994 and it launched Bush as a major rock group in the immediate post-grunge era. As they were British, they never really fit into the grunge era that is so readily identified by American bands of the upper Northwest. This was the fourth single from the album (released as a single in late 1995) and it’s amazing. It’s a weird mix of alternative rock and slow-dance ballad. There are cellos where the drums should be. Gavin Rossdale’s lyric delivery is spot-on. (I was halfway through writing this post for “Comedown,” when I realized we’ve already featured that song… so go listen to it as well!). This was a #1 on the Modern Rock chart and #2 on the Mainstream Rock chart as well as being in the top 30 on the Hot 100.

#163 – Bush – “Comedown” – (1994)

Sixteen Stone kind of blends in with all of the alternative rock of the 90s – it doesn’t really stand out. A few of the singles, however did. “Comedown” peaked at #30 on the Hot 100 and “Glycerine” reached #28.