Tape Five – “Soulsalicious” – (2007)

This bossa nova tune is from German electro-swing group Tape Five. The songs I know from Tape Five are great – this one being different from the others. Yeah, it was released on Bossa for a Coup – which I guess would mean that it is primarily a bossa nova album. But the rest of their stuff is very much electro-swing and it’s very good as well. The bossa nova feel to this song gives it that beach-y Brazilian feel that songs from summer do so well with.

João Donato – “A Rã” – (1971)

Yes, João Donato is Brazilian and Brazil isn’t even in Europe. This week I was in Spain – a day in Madrid and three days in Barcelona. I also realize that this song is an example of Bossa Nova, which is Brazilian music. However, while in Barcelona I visited the “Harlem Jazz Club” – which featured live Bossa Nova music, which is more or less Brazilian jazz. I’m still confused as to why they felt they needed to tack on “Harlem,” but whatever. So, for the sake of whatever, I felt I should feature some Bossa Nova for Barcelona.